Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Scarlet Road

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Prostitution or “sex working” has never been something I have thought about in detail. Whenever I hear of such a thing, stereotyped images always come to my mind. The media caused myself and many others to imagine a woman dressed in skimpy clothing who would do more than just sex for money and is incapable of having a normal relationship. I never thought that my mind would be shifted on my opinions of this occupation until we watched the film, “Scarlet Road.” “Scarlet Road” shows a real side of prostitution that I have never seen before and is likely to change people’s outlook on the subject.

Despite my opinions on prostitution, I respect that Rachel has a more professional and caring service. Rachel specializes in helping people with disabilities. I never imagined that sex workers could be as “held together” as Rachel or working for disabled people. No matter a person’s physical or mental state, they deserve everything that a perfectly normal person deserves. I did not know that I would ever lean towards agreeing with this topic. Rachel showed me that sex working is not entirely about money or sleazy hotels. She expresses that her work is to simply help people who often get left out of many situations besides sex. Even if I am not a 100 percent for sex working, Rachel’s mission is interesting and almost comforting to know she wants to help the disabled.


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