Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Scarlet Road and Sex Workers

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Everyone knows what prostitution is, but does everyone know what sex workers are? I had never heard the term “sex worker” before seeing the film Scarlet Road. I was quite surprised to find out that prostitution was legalized in some parts of the world and that women actually chose this as their professional careers when they had many other opportunities. In the movie there is a bright, bubbly, and all around happy female named Rachel who not only enjoys being a sex worker but promotes it. Knowing her job, I will admit to judging her before knowing her, at least through the film. My judgement was all wrong however, I genuinely liked this girl and accepted the work she did. I would never do it, but I applaud her for her couragiousness. Most of her clients where men with disabilities and she loved it. Seeing how happy these guys were because for once in their life a woman showed them sexual affection made me feel sympathetic to the work she was doing. She wasn’t going out on street corners and finding old married men to have sexual relations with, she was helping someone with a disability feel loved. Now because of this, does that make selling your body to others right? In my opinion no, but that’s just it my opinion. There are millions of people out there and if that’s what the choose to do I won’t say anything  because it is making someone’s life better. I do believe that there is a huge difference between prostitution and sex working, and that prostitutes and sex workers should not be classified in the same group. 

Kate made an impact on my opinion of what she does and I cannot say that I 100% support her but I can at least see where she is coming from. 


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