Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

women in media (posted on behalf of lyongue)

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The women displayed by media are usually looked at to be as a sexy figure. They have short cut off tops, long hair, flawless skin, and curvy, perfected bodies. Who usually makes these films or productions? MEN.

Men rule the media world. It is thought of that men are better at directing and producing, but how is this true or fair? Women are just as creative and strong-willed when it comes to being in charge. We talked about how the Twilight movie was first directed by a woman and then when the film got to be a big hit, a man took over the directing. Didn’t the first woman do just fine?

Men control the media and this means that the longer they have the big chair, nothing will change with the misrepresentation of women. It will always be a damsel in distress, a man being the hero, and hot, sexy female leads. I would like to see a movie where the female saves the man, or one where the man is an unbelievably good looking side kick. What guy would direct this and actually like that idea though? Not many.

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