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A Superhero

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What are the characteristics of a superhero? Strong, brave, outstanding, and a fighter for good all these aspects embody Wonder Woman. In the film, Wonder Women, it tells the story of Wonder Woman’s life, her ups and downs all exposed for fans to read. When her story begins, she is heroic and everything male super heroes are with breast. She is brilliant. However, her character changes as society shifts. I could not believe it. As feminism is downplayed, so is Wonder Woman. When society decided women should be homemakers, she became weak and needy instead of being needed. This concept made me take a step back and examine society today.

Look at television, books, and any other form of entertainment; what’s the message? Sex. Women are sex objects. Just like Wonder Woman, entertainment molds to fit into whatever the current norm is. Female characters are being stripped down to their underwear and made to need a man. I regret to state that I am a fan of “50 Shades of Grey” yet I can acknowledge the negative message it sends. Anastasia is helpless in the presence of Christian. She has no control and must serve his every sexual need. Now there are other books coming out similar to this plot like the “Crossfire Series”. Again, sexy man and helpless female. “Twilight” may not be as explicit but it captures the same concept.  The hit series Mad Men is also reversing the thought of where women’s place in society is. It is set in the 50s through the 70s. Yes, it is set decades ago but it is still on television and men see women being treated poorly. One of the main female characters is even sex-traded for a business deal. Grant it, the women do move up as the show progresses in time but overall, women are objects for Mr. Don Draper. 

When will women be taken seriously in society? There are very strong women today in politics, television, and as authors and writers so why are we not portraying that in literature and film? A female author wrote “Twilight”. A female also wrote “50 Shades”. They argue it is about women’s sexual freedom. I do not buy that argument. If it was about women exploring their sexuality, why is a man control their sex lives? The characters have no say in what pleasures take place. It’s pathetic.

It’s 2014 and here we are discussing the same issues from decades ago. Wonder Woman weakened as women’s role did in society likewise, women may weakened to sexual desires of men because of culture. There has been little change is women’s roles, we are only here to please. 

Author: reganrs

I am a Mass Communication student at East Tennessee State University. While in college, I have discovered a love for discussion, writing, and technology. A couple of my blogs are for my classes while my latest one is an outlet for me to express my opinions are various issues. Enjoy.

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