Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Rape Culture

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In our society today I feel that a lot of people take rape lightly. It’s usually passed off as the girl was asking for it, guys can’t control themselves, or the woman was being a tease and leading him on. But what is really going on is much more than that. It’s a real problem for women and it isn’t being taken seriously. And for that reason women that are rape victims find it hard to report it. There’s always the fear that they won’t be taken seriously and that they’ll be viewed as ‘just another rape case’ and be dismissed. 

We saw a quote in class today from a politician that said something about a ‘legitimate’ rape and how women can’t really get pregnant from rape because their bodies know they’ve been raped and can shut it off. Whatever that means. Rape is rape and this just goes to show the ignorance and callousness of people. A woman’s body has no way of just ‘shutting off’ because they’ve been raped. Pregnancy can happen from it. That particular quote made me really upset because that just shows how blind our officials are to something so serious.

Rape culture is something that needs to be taken more seriously for the well being of everyone. It’s not just women that are being raped, men are too. It’s something that needs to be addressed so victims of rape can feel comfortable enough to report what has happened to them without fear of just being seen as just another rape victim.


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