Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Rape Culture

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Rape Culture


After analyzing the problem of rape this morning in class, I have realized that it is bigger than I thought. It is not only the brutal act that occurs when an innocent child, girl or woman is raped, but also every small detail that contributes to it. Rape culture is built in the society and we are all contributors to it with every small behavior and concession that we allow. Why in the first place would there be people wanting to do such a thing if we all thought it is a horrible thing to do? Are not we educated so that we can tell when an act is good or wrong? Apparently not.

Contributing to rape culture does not mean that you are a raper. It means that we allow the idea to be considered not as bad as it should. In relation to this, we saw a really interesting video of women being lifted off the ground. It was interesting how what it was meant to be just a joke had so much hidden sexism. What does it make acceptable to lift up a girl without her consent? And why is not so acceptable to do it with a boy? And, what surprised me the most: Why most of the girls would just replied with a “thank you, gentleman”? How is that supposed to be gentleman, taking a girl you don’t know just because you can? Because “she wants to be taken”: that is the message that we learn from not only this and many more entertaining videos but also from behaviors and everyday life details. Women want to be taken. It is just one example of the many that could be shown about the society contribution to rape culture. And we allow it.


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