Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“The Lost Girls”

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 The Lost Girls recounts how Kiki was sold into prostitution and kept against her will for years. She moved to The U.S. from Thailand, hoping to start a new life. She got in contact with a group in the U.S. that told her they would pay for her to get here, and when she arrived she would pay the debt off by working in restaurants. Agreeing to this, she came to the United States, and quickly found herself being sold into a sex ring. She was taken all over the United States, working as a prostitute in what looked like massage parlors. I really liked  that this article pointed out that the customers to these “massage parlors” never noticed or cared to notice that people lived there, and not only were people living there they were prisoners there. Kiki shared a small room with three other women, and was sometimes forced to work a full 24 hours. Sadly, situations like this are happening everyday all over the world. Since sex trafficking is kept so hidden, many think of these terrible situations happening only in other countries, or during wars, but in the video clip we watched in class today, a prostitution ring was happening in a house in the suburbs of Savannah, Georgia. Additionally, women can be abducted into it at any age. Kiki was when her late 30s when she was taken. The video clip from the major arrest in Savannah, Georgia stated that it was only the tip of the ice burg. Luckily work is being done to try and find these women and rehabilitate them.


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