Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Violence Against Women

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In this society, women’s power is undermined and we are seen as “weak” and “powerless.”  It’s actually frightening to be a female in the world we live in because women are treated like sexual objects and not people. Women can be anywhere between harassed on the street with “cat calls” to being violently abused through rape. We learned about rape culture and sex trafficking in class this week and it made me angry because men do not go through what women do. We already deal with menstrual cycles and childbirth and they don’t.

In class this week, I learned about rape culture, which I had never heard of before. It included things like “no means yes”, anti-rape wear, slut calling, and pick up artist. I had always seen on shows where either the male or female would slap the other and immediately rush to the bedroom, but I didn’t realize it was part of rape culture as “no means yes.” Not only does this happen in shows or movies, but this also happens in music videos, such as Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Another part of rape culture that caught my attention was anti-rape wear. I didn’t know women could wear hairy legged tights or implant a female condom that has jagged hooks to attach to the male.

Another concept we talked about was sex trafficking. I had heard about it from movies, but I never realized it was as close as Washington County. Its really scary knowing girls my age are being made to have sex from 25-30 times in one day. I can’t imagine the pain that must come with that both emotionally and physically. What is even worse is that little children as young as 12 are going through this horrible act. The clip that we watched made the statement “The younger, the more money.” This crime is truly sick and it is happening everywhere around us because it is easy to lure people into it.

“1 in every 6 women suffer from rape or attempted rape per year” while only “1 in 33 men suffer from rape or attempted rape per year.” Something is wrong with this picture. Just because women are not as masculine does not mean we deserve to be treated with such actions. Every male that hits a women, touches a woman without proper consent, or performs anything in that nature should be dealt with in the legal system. Even if you are filthy rich and famous, you should do the time if you do the crime. This problem needs to be stopped.



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