Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Wonder Women


I REALLY loved the documentary we watched called “Wonder Women”. Wonder Woman has always been my favorite superhero, partly because she is one of the only female superheroes and partly because of the fierce independence she represents. I was raised by a single mother who had to do everything, there was no “women’s” or “men’s” work in our household because it was mostly up to her until I got old enough to help. However, even though I love Wonder Woman, I wasn’t aware of her comic book history. The fact that she represented the working women of World War II as an independent, strong heroine who had a man but didn’t NEED him was awesome to me. But, when the men came home and the women returned to “their” sphere, Wonder Woman became weakened. Her comics were more centered around her not being strong enough or being too in love with Steve Trevor to save the day. One thing that particularly shocked me was that Wonder Woman was accused of promoting lesbianism because she, as a woman, was saving other women. What a ridiculous conclusion, because she was trying to empower her fellow females and keep them safe she MUST be attracted to them. When I was younger and watching Wonder Woman and reading more recent comics, I think I remember hearing that Wonder Woman opened and ran a boutique. A boutique?! The woman is an AMAZON, a warrior! Overall, I just found it fascinating how her character changed as women’s statuses in this country changed. I hope that someday, if I should have a daughter, I can show her the Wonder Woman who saved the day all on her own, so my daughter can know that while there’s nothing wrong with having and loving a man, she never needs to be dependent on one.


2 thoughts on “Wonder Women

  1. Rebecca, you hit the target. You may want to check out “Wonder Woman Unbound.” I recently reviewed it on my blog.

  2. Sierra sure did hit the target. Thanks for the tip about Wonder Woman Unbound and your review.

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