Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Rape Prevention


Rape is one of the most horrible crimes in today’s society. It’s been occurring for many years and the opinions circulating about what causes it and what can prevent it are just as ridiculous. I have heard the usual things like, a woman wanted it because the way she acted or dressed. When people keep believing these kind of things regarding rape, it doesn’t make the problem any smaller. I have seen too many cases where a woman was raped and because no one wanted to believe her, she spends her whole life not telling any law officials. Also, I have seen instances where even a woman’s friends or family don’t even want to believe she was raped. Whatever ever the reason for people’s denial of rape, it is not helping and just makes these crimes accumulate faster. Women and men should stand up and say something about the subject, or more and more people will keep getting away with rape.

Women can do something big about the rape culture. Women can speak up if they have experienced this type of crime. Even if it hurts, or someone doesn’t want to believe them, they can let other women be aware of this crime and talk to law officials that are interested in catching the rapist. If no one wants to listen, never stop talking about it. If they refuse to believe, never stop trying to make them believe. Rape is far from something to be taken lightly. It is a disturbing crime that happens around us everyday. If women speak out about their experience, other women will know how easily it can happen to them and others won’t have any choice but to believe and support them.

As for men, I learned this valuable lesson on what they can do from a Ted Talk video last semester regarding violence against women, which includes rape. Whether it’s picking on a scrawny teenager that isn’t too good at football or whistling as a lady walks by, it seems like all men around each other will applaud what the other is doing. Men are apt to approve of behaviors and even mock them when it seems like all men are acting this way, even if they normally wouldn’t approve of it while they’re alone. If a man is a man that is strongly against rape, he needs to show his true feelings to all men around him. Others might aggravate him at first, and that’s to be expected. If a man is really passionate about his hatred of these type of crimes, he won’t let that stop him. Eventually, most of his friends will catch on to his behavior just like they do the not so good behaviors. These strategies will not stop rape completely, but just one or two crimes is an extraordinary difference.



2 thoughts on “Rape Prevention

  1. which TED talk did you watch last semester? the one where the guy talks about the “man box”? or another? would love to know so i can view it and possibly use it in my class.

    • It was Jackson Kats: Violence against Women-It’s a Men’s Issue. 🙂 We watched it for English last semester. It was really good in addressing how women always get the blame for what happens to them.

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