Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Where are the women?

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In class we watched a film called “Wonder Women” which really opened my eyes about certain topics I had never really thought about. The film basically went over Wonder Woman’s story and how she has developed or underdeveloped over time and her impact on women. I had never really noticed before that there is only one real woman superhero out there, Wonder Woman. At first, she was brought up as very powerful with a lasso that could make any man tell the truth. She was iconic and many women looked up to her, but as time passed the comics had changed her from being powerful to being a damsel that needed rescuing and that is beyond wrong. Why can’t women be seen as being strong and independent? Why must the media constantly objectify us? Even in the beginning of Wonder Women she was still being objectified by her outfit. An itty bitty outfit such as hers probably isn’t the best for fighting crime. Not to mention how degrading it was to the character when she first appeared on a comic book cover being carried by some man who had just “saved” her life. Women need more then just a Wonder Woman to look up to. Where are the other female superheros? Still waiting to be discovered? Wonder Woman is our gateway to bigger and better things. It is OUR time now ladies and we have to make a change before our daughters grow up thinking a man is going to constantly be there to save them. We need more women superheros depicted in the media because everyone in real life knows at least one super woman who does not get credited for paying her bills, raising a family, keeping a job, or going to school while doing it all. THOSE are the women I want to see in my movies. Real women who know what they need to do and what is best to do. SHOW ME THE WOMEN.


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