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Legality of Prostitution and Is It The Most Rational Option?

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The Australian documentary of an educated woman studying for her Doctorates while choosing prostitution to be her career path reveals new aspects of prostitution: the natural needs of all humans even when handicapped.  Before viewing the documentary, I was quite skeptical of finding any real morality in prostitution without stretching and bending rationality.  However, I believe the documentary did enlighten viewers on being the catalyst for handicapped individuals to have a similar opportunity to that of every other human.  My question is, if prostitution were legalized in the US, how would US law enforcement regulate an industry that is meant to be privately operated?  Of course sex trafficking of women and underage girls already exists, but would legalizing the industry actually make sexual slavery transparent and separate from the prostitutes by choice?

 Australia is a good example of how law enforcement can regulate prostitution through the registration and mandatory health tests of prostitutes.  These are analogous arguments to that of legalizing marijuana; however, the effects of legalizing marijuana are not synonymous to the effects of legalizing prostitution.  Prostitution has the higher probability of eliciting violence towards women; but on the other hand, women are already victims of the same sexual violence.

I respect that the documentary brings light to the natural sexual needs of handicapped individuals, but I do wish those individuals would have access to specialized dating sites for people in similar situations.  Handicapped individuals should have equal opportunities in their social lives to others, but if relationships are the ideal goal in sexual relations for the average individual, why look to prostitution as the most rational option for sexual relationships?  Of course dating websites for handicapped individuals is complicated, but working to legalize a very expensive and dangerous industry is even more complicated.


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