Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Wonder Women

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It amazes me how society can make women feel so less of themselves. We are never honored for the heroic things that us women do in life. All we see is what is portrayed in the media, comic books, and society. Men are always the ones that are being honored, and known to us to be the heroic figure, but nothing is wrong with women stepping up being a hero for a change. In some cases women have been the hero, but have never been praised for their heroic duties, as men have. Watching the film in classed, titled Wonder Woman, really portrayed a good look for women. The title really speaks for itself. The movie really proved a vivid point in saying that women can be just as strong and heroic as men. She was a very popular women back in olden times, but it eventually died down, because she was strongly out number by the male super heroes.  These heroes include: Super Man, Batman, Spider man, and even more up to date heroes like the incredible hulk. In my eyes those are all action heroes that do not really excite females. I feel as if there should always be a female super hero in the media, so us women can feel like we have someone to look up to, with the same gender. If more people where to watch the film it would really set things into play, giving people a new perspective to look at when it comes to super heroes. I really enjoyed the film and absolutely love the fictional character of Wonder Woman.


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