Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Talk about REAL.

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Upon recently uncovering the book/movie Half the Sky, my perspective on how women are treated has been greatly turned upside down and inside out! The average person is so sheltered from the REAL world that when the truth comes out reality almost seems implausible .  Female Genital Mutilation, Prostitution, Rape, and so many other ‘silent matters’ happen constantly everyday all over the world. The horror of reality is that most people ignore this so called torture and don’t realize that these horrid subject matters could be happening to not only someone in a different country, but to someone you talk to everyday. The great thing about Half the Sky is that the journalists were trying to raise awareness about the situation so maybe the average  American would feel the need to stand up and make a difference. In the movie, it was brought up that helping one person’s life didn’t seem like enough; however it certainly is more than enough. If everyone took the initiative to save someone else’s life the world would be a better place, and maybe the horrors we ‘ignore’ now could be non-existent in the future.


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