Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Learning Gender

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After discussing gender in class, I am seeing how it takes a toll on your life. I believe the reason people are not who they truly aspire to be is because the gender norms that have been placed in society. The example that was used in class was that females are not good in math, that math is more of a males subject. I must admit that I once believe that stereotype myself. Then I began to evaluate the situation, and ask myself what is gender? Is it who you are biologically or socially? From the way society has displayed gender it’s definitely who you are socially. If you’re female you have a rules and regulations that fits your gender, and the same goes for male. This is where double standards, gender roles, and women inequality come from. The importance of gender leaves limitations of both sex, because you feel you have only so far to go as male or female. And once you cross the boundaries set for your sex you then are criticized. Which is why bullying is at a all time high, this belief has been computed into the brains of people who cant fathom the though of people being different from what is set to be normal. The crazy part about the situation is this was forced upon many of us before we even knew it. It was in the books we read, clothes that were bought for us, activities that we interacted in, and in our school systems. And the only way to change this ongoing cycle is to teach the upcoming generations a new way of thinking


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