Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Half the sky

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Honestly, i knew that woman in other countries had it way worse then woman in the United States. After watching the movie Watch The Sky though, in class for them two days; i now realize how bad it is in certain countries. From Africa to India, some woman just have no voice at all and the situations they get put in is hard for me to watch. FGM is a huge problem for African Woman and most don’t have a choice in the matter because it gets done to them at such a young age. I greatly respect the woman who built the hospital and is teaching young African woman the basic procedures of being a nurse and aiding other woman in medical need. She is a very strong and independent woman and i hope her work continues to change lives. Sex trafficking in India is also a very disturbing and growing problem for young Indian woman and girls as well. The courageous woman that is documented in that part of the movie, i cant say enough praise about. She fights every single day to get young girls and woman into school to educate themselves instead of selling there bodies for money for there family. The part that got my attention the most was towards the end where the woman tried all she could to convince a mother to not have her 10 year old daughter start getting into prostitution at that age. The 10 year old girl didn’t have any say in the matter, as what her mother was going to decide for her went, and i guess they needed the money badly but sending your young daughter into the world of prostitution especially at that age is unacceptable in my opinion, and i feel terrible for the the young girls and woman that have to go into that lifestyle. Half the sky really opened my eyes to what woman have to go through in other countries and i hope that things will get better for all of them in the future.


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