Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What Women Do for Beauty

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Throughout reading the articles “What We Do for Love” and “Designer Vaginas” and throughout our discussion during class, I realized just how much women are expected to do for beauty. Several studies have found “that men choose their dates based more on women’s looks than on women’s earning potential, personality, or other factors.” This only increases the expectations women are forced to have. One example of beauty that women are expected to maintain is their long hair. One undergraduate student wrote about how important hair is for a woman. She cut her hair and missed the power that it gave her. Also, some women are now choosing to have labiaplasty in order to feel more comfortable about their body. So many women develop eating disorders because of photo shopped, unhealthy women that society calls “beautiful.” Although now historical, foot binding was a common practice in China that was a symbol of beauty. These are just a few examples of qualities that women desire to obtain in order to feel beautiful in a society that continuously has unattainable guidelines for “beauty.”


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