Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

How to Lose Your Virginity!

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Upon recently watching the movie How to Lose Your Virginity my eyes were opened to just how diverse the world can view one subject that most humans make so simple! From the time we began growing up we were told “boys had cooties”  and to stay away! This specific concept then turned into  ultimately that if you were “with” a boy you were suddenly a whore or a slut. The main problem is society still doesn’t truly know the definition of a virgin and most of the horrible talk you hear about these so called sluts and whores are way out of proportion. A women’s body should be her’s to do whatever she feels fit and others shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Everyone has their ‘secrets’ and the movie How to Lose Your Virginity  took us on a journey between women who were virgins, to those who had recommitted to being a virgin, and even to those that were very sexually active. However, none of the women in the movie were superior to one another and they all had a great explanation for their choices. “Virgin” is just a word. You write the definition yourself.


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