Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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How to Lose Your Virginity: Virginity is all about the girl

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While watching “How to Lose Your Virginity”,  I was surprised to discover that the term virgin is primarily used for women. All of the sex education that women receive as a young girls is focused on women not losing their virginity. It was said that if women were to engage in sexual activity before marriage that they would be looked at as “used” and not as good anymore. That each time that a women was sexually active before marriage a little piece of her was gone. There is also the fact that girls are judged on their virginal status. If they lose their virginity they are labeled as sluts, but if they have never been sexual they are called prudes and suspected as potential lesbians. On the other hand, men are not judged by the loss of their virginity. Men are actually praised for being sexually active. This difference between being a man or a women and losing your virginity is astounding. It is not fair for women that their virginal status means, so much in the eyes of society.


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