Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

How to lose your virginity.

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As others have said, in class, we watched a film called How to lose your virginity. Before watching the film, I didn’t think there were different opinions on how to declare if your’e a virgin or not. I thought everyone agreed the same about virginity. If you had sexual intercourse you lost your “V-card” so to speak, but in this film different opinions rose. Some people thought there were three stages of virginity, if you performed oral you lost your virginity, if girls used tampons they weren’t virgins and many more opinions of virginity. Often in high school, girls get bullied if they lose their virginity because some how that declares her as a whore, slut etc, but girls are bullied because of everything not just by your virginity status, your weight, your hair texture, the color of your skin, and even by the clothes you wear. Everyone judges everyone and I believe the less you care the better off you will be. Be true to yourself.


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