Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Insurance Rates Cost More for Women

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In class we talked about Institutionalized Androcentrism, which is basically where institutions, such as sports healthcare etc., are focused more on men. The main issue that stuck out to me was that women tend to pay more for medical insurance than men. Through all my years in school, and listening to the media I have always heard about women inequality and androcentrism, and I know that it is a major dilemma, but really it had not affected me personally. Until this video I could not really relate, but after watching it and our class discussion, it just makes no sense to me. The video we watched brought up  many interesting points, about how women do tend to go to the doctor more, yet it seems we get punished for it.  I’m not saying that men should be punished for not going to the doctor but I think it should just be the same. It is also frustrating because most people do not even know this. It is like the insurance companies are trying to be sneaky about it, and tricking everyone.  That fact that women pay more for medical insurance is very unfair and surprising, hopefully if more people realize what is going on then things will be able to change.


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