Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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Once again, I loved watching “How to Lose Your Virginity” in class last week. It made me realize the different views people have about virginity all across the nation. In my opinion, I feel as if most Southern people generally have the same view of virginity. Sometimes, as I saw in this film, that view can lead to negative experiences. I recently read an article about a woman who remained a virgin until her wedding night. She was told time and time again that sex was evil and bad and she would go to hell if she had sex before she got married. When she was finally able to experienced sex, she hated everything about it. She felt guilty for having sex even though she was married! The negative view on sex needs to stop. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy sex without feeling like the rest of the world is judging them.

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