Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Sexual Scripts

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A couple of weeks ago we learned about sex, power, and intimacy. One of the key concepts during this lecture was sexual scripts. This is social and learned sexual encounters. I personally have picked up on some sexual scripts such as men paying for meal, ect. However, this created an awkward situation when this happened to me.

I was going to a sit down restaurant with one of my best friends, named Garrett. We have been friends since middle school, and lived right down the hall from each other in the dorms. So, we went to Mid City Grill because both of us were starving. We ate and talked for a while, and were enjoying ourselves. Then our waitress came out and created a slightly uncomfortable situation when she handed the check solely to my male friend. In the end we both laughed about it and joked how we could be perceived as a couple. However, this sexual script created some discomfort among us, and now when we go out to eat we ask for separate checks.

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