Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What is beauty ?

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In the articles “What We Do for Love” and throughout class discussions I realized the expectations women are held upon to be beautiful. These expectations are generally from men, but women have expectations for other women just as well as men. Men typically date women based off their appearance rather than financial stability, personality, goals, background history and other factors. Due to that women are expected to have a outstanding appearance to appeal to the opposite sex because other quality does not appeal to them.  On the other hand women have expectations for women themselves, which also based off appearance too. Their views are more of how girly the other is compared to the norms that are set out for women. Hair is a prime example for both men and women define hair as beauty. Women want long hair because that is what attracts men and men like long hair on women because it shows their feminists. Because of the expectations for women extreme measures have been taken to obtain a certain look like: eating disorders, plastic surgery, and photo shops.


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