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A Women’s Virginity to a Man

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Sexual promiscuity is as controversial a topic as any modern controversy like gay rights, abortion, gun control, etc. The difference is sexual promiscuity has always been a topic of “hot” discussion from the beginning of time. I am going to contain the following post to the current view of sexual promiscuity from a modern male’s often misunderstood viewpoint.

First off, probably the most common misconception of a young male nowadays is that we are some sort of “sex hounds always looking to get our dick wet.” That’s definitely not true. However, like with any stereotype, I can’t lie that there aren’t a good amount of guys out there who fit the “sexhound” description. Nevertheless, I can’t say that I haven’t probably acted a fool like this at times.

There is a common belief that if a girl sleeps around that she is viewed as disgusting and to have a lesser value to men as opposed to a girl with a shorter or nonexistent sexual history. This is only half true.

As a male I can confirm that this viewpoint is held by some guys, but these guys are usually the most ignorant men I know. I firmly believe that stereotypes and judgments are only really continued and confirmed by the most ignorant of us. I also believe that the most ignorant people have some of the loudest and most heard voices.

The problem lies in the fact that stereotypes are usually formulated to avoid emotional investment and deep thought. Some of my favorite girls in this world are referred to as “whores, hoes, thotties, and sloots” by other guys and I always make a point to stick up for them though if i ever hear anything. Most times, people are nothing like the rumors you hear spread about them.

The question I have worth pondering is this: What’s wrong with someone having sex or choosing to live a promiscuous lifestyle? Just try to rationalize it. It’s not hard at all. Sex is cool. It feels great, it is great, and depending on the situation you have sex in it can bring you extremely closer to someone else. The only thing that I feel is a no-no if you live a sexually active life, is having unprotected sex. Sex may be cool but STDs are not. I know alot of people that do not have casual sex because of fear for STDs and I couldn’t agree more but STDs are a discussion for another day. But we are in college and if there is any time for us kids to make some big mistakes, the time is now.

If you are virgin by choice, then good for you. Seriously. You’ve got more personal courage than i do. I thought seriously about keeping my virginity at one point but then I became a teenaged guy in love so that idea went to shit. There is a piece of advice I have for the virgins out there though. Don’t judge other people because they don’t hold their virginity to the same value as you do yours. Regardless of what other people might say, it’s not cool to be a snobby bitch.

If you are a woman who has had a hefty amount of fucking in your life, then good for you. I hope you’re having a good time and doing it for the right reasons. Just don’t lead people on, make your motivations known before you do anything with another person. Miscommunication that morphs into bitter feelings between sexual partners is usually what starts ugly rumors of someone being a “hoe”.

Me? I have sex but not all the time. I have been known to turn down a sexual encounter or two. I prefer there to be some sort of emotional connection so that I can enjoy it. I also am a firm non-believer in drunk sex so there are all of those times I have had to slip out of that situation. I am comfortable with myself and my sexual activity. I feel as long as you are comfortable with yourself and not causing harm to anyone else then you are fine by all means. I also don’t really believe you should put your sexual history and details out there in public without approval from the person you fucked around with. It’s not cool.

All in all, my big view is that as long as you are living a sexually active lifestyle that is safe, why not? If you wanna fuck then by all means, fuck away! It is your body, you can do with it as you please. You don’t even have to use protection if you want, but it isn’t exactly the wisest choice to raw dog it. Complications like pregnancy and STDs arise from that tangled web of casual unprotected sex. People should be cool with each other. I’m not talking about some hokie-holding hands 1970s touchy feely bullshit. I’m talking about having respect for your ownself and someone else’s reputation. If somebody wants to have sex with someone different every night, then okay! That’s their choice and it’s not cool to talk shit about them because of that. If someone wants to save everything up to their first kiss for marriage, then so be it. That’s their choice as well and for you to call them a snobby cunt for having a set of morals is also not fucking cool.
Be respectful of other people’s views. Judging someone by their sexual history/reputation is stupid and immature. Act like an adult and if you’re gonna judge someone by something about themselves then pick something at least valid like their personality or any wrongdoings they may have committed against you. But even then, don’t spread rumors about them.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.


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