Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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In today’s society, we would like to think both men and women are treated equally. We are constantly bombarded by commercials and advertisements saying “equal opportunity lender,” or “equal opportunity employer.” Though, legally, this is typically true; however, in some aspects part of the gray area or loop hole is well played. In class this week we discussed gender, and how women are sometimes treated differently simply because we are women. It is said that women pay more for cars because of our lack of bargaining skills and assertion toward the dealer. I, for one, feel completely taken advantage of after hearing this. I mean, sorry I’m nice and expect a car salesman to be upfront and honest with me. This is only one example of how women are treated differently than men. There are several others, such as insurance rates, the job market , the housing market, etc. This really caught my attention, like I previously stated because I am a single, college female about to start making life altering decisions such as the ones listed above, and I would like to believe I can hold my own and not need a male counterpart to get the best deal. Knowing this large piece of info was incredibly beneficial, so I now know what to look for when establishing myself in the adult world and making large purchases.

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