Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Limit Family Size

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In my in intro to women’s class, there were some assigned readings. The one I found the most interesting was The Moral Obligation to Limit Family Size. For some odd reason I thought of China, because when I was in elementary school we were always told that people in China could not have that many children because it was getting over populated. After reading this article it mainly seemed to talk about not having a lot of children because it is destroying the environment. Example, such as there being a ton of teenagers in the family who need to have transportation-like using cars..which equals gas. That stuck out to me the most. Which was a bit dramatic. If that was the case then whichever child was the oldest and responsible would get dips on the car, and the rest of the siblings would car pool or take time sharing it. VERY SIMPLE. The article made things more complicated then what it was, and as far as moral obligation..are we in the stone ages? I feel as most people would say. If you can afford them. Then have as many kids as you want. 🙂


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