Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

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What is a mother? Merriam-Webster defines mother as: 1. a) A female parent. So, what is a parent? Merriam-Webster defines a parent as; a person who is a father or mother: a person who has a child. And around in circles we go. Although I don’t believe there is one true definition for the term ‘mother’ I do believe it is more complex than ‘a female parent.’  There is no room for weak women in motherhood. Mothers are strong. Mothers are women who give up everything for someone they don’t even know. Mothers let their bodies become subject to pain, hormonal fluctuation, and complete alteration for 9 months. A mother is a woman who wakes up at midnight, 3, and 5. A mother will pop out her breast for her child and no matter how painful and agonizing the feeding gets she doesn’t stop. A mother gives hugs, kisses, and kind words. A mother reads books. A mother spends her paycheck tiny clothes, doctors visits, mushy foods, and special toys…down to her last dime. A mother dances, sings, and acts like a fool, just so she can see her child’s smile light up the room. Most importantly, a mother possesses a special one of a kind unconditional love for her child and nothing in this world can compare to it. A mother is so much more than a female parent, she is a mom.

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