Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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The video that we watched in class talked about the difference in mothers in America. The mother that stood out to me the most was the mother that chose to give her child up  for adoption. She knew that was the best decision for her child’s life. This mother knew that she could not provide the essential necessities for the child. I applaud her action, she is an amazing women. I could not fathom how it feels to give up your child.This women put her feelings aside and did what she felt was best. Her decision does not make her less of a mother because to be a mother you don’t have to bear a child, its the love and care that is given to the child that makes you a mother. There are mothers that bear children that could care less for the child. For example, the mother that didn’t even want her baby while she was pregnant along with the child’s first few months of life. In their case she grew to love the child but that’s not always the case for other women and children


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