Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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La Vida de una Madre

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Motherhood is a complicated subject, as is Parenthood in general. What is entitled in being a mother? Well when you think a good mother, what do you think of? Some examples might come from something fictional like a Disney movie. Bambi’s mother, Nemo’s mom, and Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, there are many good examples of motherhood in Disney stories. But what about real world motherhood? I am a male so I will technically never be able to experience motherhood firsthand. I do, however, have a mother and a great one at that. There are many different types of mothers and styles of parenting that exist. There are also alot of stereotypes about certain types of mothers based on lifestyle choices.

Many people assume that just because a mother stays at home, she has no career or ambitions and that the mother is a pushover and overly submissive to her husband. This is bullshit because i know personally many stay at home moms with ambitions and some of them are submissive by no means whatsoever!

There is another assumption that just because a mother has a career or a job and is busy, that she does not care or get involved in her kid’s lives personally. How far is that from the truth!

The thing is, my mother has lived both of these lives and she has not fit the stereotype at all in the slightest. When she was working long hours as a child support lawyer, she never neglected me and would drop almost anything she was doing to come to the aid of me or my sister whenever needed. And when my mother started her life as a stay at home mom, she maintained my ways to keep her career potential as a lawyer alive by attending conferences regularly, keeping license active, and by keeping in contact with her past employers and future employers. She has briefly helped with cases spottily throughout her life as a stay at home mom.

All in all, don’t listen to the damn stereotypes and assumptions about someone’s mother. Pay attention to what they actually do and most likely you will see the majority of mother’s fulfill their maternal duties constantly while maintaining their own personal life.


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