Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women In Workforce

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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sheryl Sandberg’s talk today about women in the workforce because it really opened my eyes to reasons why women do not have very many leadership opportunities. Something that I was surprised to learn was that men often rank themselves higher than they should and are a lot more confident in themselves. This leads to men often pursuing more leadership opportunities and jobs that they may not be fully qualified for.  However, women often rank themselves lower than they should and lack the self-esteem that they deserve. This leads to women often pursuing only jobs in which they are fully qualified for and fewer leadership positions. For every one dollar that a man makes, a white working woman makes $0.77. I had no idea the gap would be so large! It is time that women realize how successful that they can be and also enjoy the success that they earn. Also, it is time that a woman’s average wage grows closer to a man’s.


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