Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Sexual Misconduct in our Streetz

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While we were in class the other day, a topic we discussed really hit home with me and my life. We talked about, and watched Anita’s post about women’s roles in video games and tropes within these games. As an avid gamer, and have been since I was too small to realize it, this realization of tropes in games hit me very hard. As I was a kid I would play mortal combat or watch my father play RPGs and later play them myself. I never really noticed the amount of dehumanizing of women characters. In these games, women are characterized by big breasts and scantly clad clothing. Growing up with these images I did not know better, and well honestly, my family never made it a big deal, so I never realized the amount masogenistic  behaviors that were being represented in these games. As an adult and after watching multiple videos from Anita, I am now, more clearly seeing the problem at hand. I feel that we are teaching younger generations of women to believe this is what men what and what they should be in life, that idea alone, make. s me want to vomit. We should be teaching out girls to be strong willed and protect themselves, not wait around for someone to save them, that we, as women, are more than capable of saving ourselves.


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