Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women on the Internet

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The lecture that we had yesterday completely shocked me; I had no idea that women were treated so badly on the internet. According to Amanda Hess’ video, for every 100 women, only 3-4 men are harassed on the internet. Also, between 2011-2012 72.5% of people that reported harassing incidents on the internet were women. As horrible as that is, the fact that only 34 states have cyber stalking laws and the police department/police officers have very limited understanding of social media sites makes it even worse. Because of this, if women are harassed on the internet, they basically have to do their own investigation, which brings back that horror and fear all over again. In the lecture before, we discussed how women are portrayed in video games. Women are portrayed as objects that need men in not only video games but also movies and music. Clearly, the harassment of women is not going to stop on the internet (and off the internet, for that matter) until women are shown as powerful, strong, and intelligent people in all realms of entertainment.


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