Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“The Invisible War”

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The biggest disturbance that stuck out to me in this class film, was the fact that so many cases of the raping and abusing of woman and men in the United States military were thrown away or basically ignored. According to the film, hundreds and hundreds of these cases never result in true justice and it’s basically swept under the rug and forgotten. Before watching the film i had heard before of situations and crimes like these occurring in the military but i did not know the numbers were this severe. During many of these cases the woman and even the men were scared to report the rape or crime because they were severely threatened and they didn’t know what there friends and family would say about it. In some cases the victims would actually get accused of adultery or some other nonsense accusation to put it back onto them and not the ranking officer that committed the crime. This is the United States, and our military has to clean this up immediately, many people might be scared to join the armed forces because of the stories they hear or even if they watched this movie. This has to go to the highest of the command chain and action should be taken immediately to get rid of the officers and any other member of the United States Military that are raping men and woman soldiers. These people should be punished to the fullest extent for the harassment’s, rapes, and other crimes they commit.


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