Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Media Violence

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In class were watching the film Miss Representation. This is not my first time watching this film and each time it brings back the same memory. The part that draws to my attention is the Hispanic or Latina girl who is crying trying to find answers on what to do for her sister who is cutting herself because she her body is built differently. I am older sister of two, I can sympathizes with these girl a lot. My younger is sister skin is darker than the rest of us and I know that is challenging for her. Media has made people believe that being dark skin is not ugly. My sister has much more hate for me than the other sister because I am the lightest, I have never made her feel that way but she is looking pass me and listening to the myths that have been told about light skin girls. My sister has just entered high-school and she has been acting how more than ever I know it’s for attention because she feels that is the only way a dark skin girl can be seen if she draws attention to herself. My family is doing everything we can think of to boost my sister self-esteem and it slowly working. I hate what the media has done to women. Super models are not happy the pretend to be and the one smile on the cover of a magazine will have a billions girls injecting the lips and lifting the nose. Little do we know they are probably crying their selves to sleep just to have a moment of what we take for granted.


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