Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Miss Representation

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In class we watched the film Miss Representation. This is not my first time watching this film and each time it brings back the same memory. The part that draws my attention is the Hispanic or Latina girl who is crying because her sister cuts herself. She is wanting help to encourage her sister to be at peace with herself and disregard the negative remarks from her peers. I am older sister of two high-school girls. I can sympathizes with the young girl, my youngest sister is dark skin and is battling with the feeling of thinking she is ugly. The media have screwed the thoughts of the world and has everyone conforming to it whether they realize it or not. Young girls are the end result of this miss representation because they are in the process of finding themselves and being told to be to look a certain way at the same time. Which have them to result to hurting themselves. That group decision that they we having in the film would be essential to help girls build self esteem and talk about their-selves with others who have similar situations.

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