Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

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This class was interesting. As a young male adult, I honestly don’t even think about sexism. The thought never crosses my mind because I feel that it is an obsolete hate. This class showed me how wrong I was. I would have never guessed that sexism was actually right in my face. Not only was I educated in the status of discrimination against women but I also was shown some great needs in other places around the world through powerful films like Half the Sky (that we watched in class). Somalia and India showed ongoing horrors such as female genital mutilation and sexual trafficking.

Apparently, I am not paying enough attention to what is happening in the world and this class made a point to communicate this to me.


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Women’s Studies

I am so very thankful and glad that I was able to take this great class. Not only has it opened my eyes to some very major changes that we as women need to make, it has helped me figure out what type of woman I want to be. I throughly enjoyed all of the reading we did and all of the documentaries that we watched. I have even had some of my friends go and watch them. This class was way more than just a writing intensive, it was so very insightful. The topics we talked about in class are things that I, and many others, go through on a daily basis. This was an absolutely wonderful class!

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Unrealistic Beauty

It is a known fact that the beauty industry is in need of a major change. But after watching Miss Representation and realizing just how many 13 year old girls don’t like their bodies, and how that number doubles at 18. I am completely appalled. Young girls should be focusing on having fun, school work, and deciding what they want to be when they grow up not worrying about their bodies. The blame can be placed mainly on media and how they show the “perfect woman” woman to look like. Very unrealistic! For the sake of young girls futures we need to drastically change the beauty and media industry. I’m afraid if we don’t in a few years we are going to have a whole generation of women who believe that their worth comes from their looks and not from their wonderful minds.

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Open Mind

Coming from a family that is very close minded and oftentimes bordering racist and homophobic, I am very very lucky to have been able to overcome all of my raising and be the very open minded person that I am today. Most young people I believe are products of their families without really taking a step back and thinking about their own individual beliefs. While most of the time that is wonderful, in my case it is not. I am very thankful to have been able to step above what I grew up around to be very open minded and accepting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I am very happy with the direction I have chosen to go with my life!

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The Invisible War

What a heartbreaking documentary this was to watch. I could not help but feel very emotional during and after watching this. These poor women who are already putting their lives on the line for us and for this wonderful country are also having to deal with the fear of the males that she serves along side raping her. Not only does she have the fear of being raped but she also has the unfair treatment when reporting these rapes. I feel like the military, although I do not think that it is totally corrupt, does a great job in covering up these cases. It is a shame that any woman has to go through the experience, but then to also be made to feel like it was her fault is absolutely horrible. I truly hope that there will soon be something done about these issues.

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Miss Representation

After watching Miss Representation in class my eyes were opened to the unfairness that women in politics and in the media have to go through. A lot of times I feel that some times people, even myself as a woman, over look certain unfair things that are said and done to other women in politics and women on television in general. This documentary helped shed some light on these unjust things that are happening to many women. Now when I watch TV I have started picking up on the fashion and dating topics that are asked to women and not to men. I think the first step in fixing something is to first recognize that there is a problem to begin with. I am very thankful that we watched this documentary because now I recognize the problem.

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Closing to Class

In this class were some pretty nice topics that can make you actually think about your beliefs on somethings. Whether you believe them or if they were your beliefs because you were just raised to think a certain way. After reading some of my classmates post about being raised in a church and just different views on sexuality. I just think of how some people really do not understand the bible, and how they just go off what they were taught. There are so many ways people can interpret the bible. I don’t see why everything is such a big deal, or why someone’s sexual orientation matters so much. Just live life. lol