Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Fish Out of Water

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I was raised in a very Christian household, we went to church 3 times a week, and whatever our Southern Baptist church said, was right.  While in high school, my cousin, whom I am very close with, and who is just one year older than me, came out to me. I honestly wasn’t very surprised, and it really didn’t matter to me. Eventually the whole family found out, and everything changed.  My grandparents, uncle and aunt, and even my own mother were so upset with the news.  All of these people who I looked up to, who I always thought that I could trust, and who would support me, turned on my cousin, just for the fact that he is attracted to men. My heart was breaking for my cousin, but at 16 and 17 my cousin and I couldn’t really do much, except to voice our own opinions and hope our families would be accepting. In return my cousin and I got lectured about those very same bible verses that we learned about in the documentary Fish Out of Water. I really wish that I had seen this movie years ago, and I think it would’ve helped my family out a lot. My aunt and my mother have come to terms with my cousin being gay, but there is still this unspoken tension at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I feel as though my cousin is living a double life, when we hangout just me and him, he is so happy, but when I see him with the family he is different. It’s just sad to see that my own family is not as accepting as I thought.  I still have very strong beliefs, and love my family, but I think it just goes to show, that what you are exposed to and your live experiences have such a large effect on your own beliefs and actions.


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