Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Fish Out of Water

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As several people in this class have said, I was raised a Christian with a conservative upbringing. So, I believe that Fish Out of Water was an excellent movie to watch to see a different viewpoint on homosexuality and religion than I have personally. I am a heterosexual female and looking at this vantage point was eye opening. However, I had a negative reaction to Ky Dickens using Fred Phelps as one of her two ministers that argued that homosexuality is a sin. Fred Phelps was a pastor and the head of the Westboro Baptist Church which is unaffiliated with the Baptist church, and is known by some as a hate group. As a Christian, I know that I do not believe that what they do as a church is right or ethical. So, using a person that is part of an organization that only has 40 members does not embody Christians as a whole. So, I believe that she should have used another minister with the belief that homosexuality is a sin or included several others with him, because I know I am more opened minded than Fred Phelps.


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