Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Half the Sky

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The movie, “Half the Sky” is based on a book concerning how women in different countries are treated.  I watched the rest of the movie and I really enjoyed it.  It had to be one of the most informing documentaries that I have ever seen.  It amazes me that so many girls as young as three have been raped in different countries.  It really made me think about everything that happens in countries like Sierra Leone and Cambodia, from genital mutilation and rape, to sexual trafficking.  For example, in Sierra Leone the police have caught over 10,000 men that have raped a child and less than one percent of those men were actually convicted.

Many of the women in these countries believe that one of the biggest solutions to these problems is to keep girls in school no matter what.  I agree, the women should stay in school, and stay well educated.  This way they can educate younger girls that are growing up in brothels, and show young girls that are being sexually abused that there are more ways to life than the way they are living it.  The book and the movie inspired many people that just a little bit of contribution from people will go a long way to help women in these countries.


One thought on “Half the Sky

  1. Each of the readings, lectures, and films in this class has been a consciousness raising experience for me. The idea that such topics as FMG, female genital mutilation, sexual identity, virginity, and hooking-up on college campuses are being addressed in an informal and matter-of-fact manner gives me great hope that this generation will be a little less screwed up than former generations about these topics.
    That said, I recently read that a study by the American Psychological Association in February, 2013, found that 63% of college men and 83% of college women prefer a traditional relationship to uncommitted sex. Do you believe those statistics to be accurate?

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