Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Half the Sky

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When we watched this movie in class I have heard about both issues before, FGM and the caste system in India. Female Genital Mutilation was an issue i had heard about,but never really understood or looked into. So when I watched this video in class explaining what FGM really was I was shocked at what it was and have big of an issue it actually is around the world. I was also appalled at at how big of a deal this wasn’t! Although it doesn’t happen in our country as much as it does in others does not mean we should just dismiss it. Another issue was the cast system they had in India, and I had no idea that people could be born into prostitution. This is disgusting to me, these children have to watch as their mother do the job they were born into without a choice or say so. Ultimately they are watching what they will become and there is no hope for getting out of the class they were born into. It just shows how much freedom we are given in this country. Imagine being born and your job, the life style you will have, and all the other choices we have already determined for you. You have no say in anything that goes on in this part or many other parts of your life. It just shows how much of life we really take for granted.


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