Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Advertising Question!

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Well first of all, hello fellow class members (assuming someone other than the professor is actually reading this)! Assuming you are reading this, i propose a question to everyone. Does advertisements that use over sexualized individuals actually advertise the product? For instance, when I look at magazines (or Instagram, because I follow all of my favorite fashion houses’ on their social media) and see a sexually  provocative woman wearing the newest Louboutins or the male models of Versace with their near perfect body, i don’t think about buying the overly priced item in mind simply because of the sexualized individual with the product? I think more of the  delicious man who is wearing the clothes or ill admire the Louboutins. Never has an advertisement successfully appealed to me and truthfully by using this strategic form of advertising, if it was not for my prior knowledge of the brand, I would not remember the product itself. I feel as if celebrities (that are not particularly being overly sexualized) do a more efficient job at advertising the brand than the half-naked models that are not pertaining to the brand in any form.


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