Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Gender Roles Set at Birth

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As a child I was always drawn to that pink colored toy aisle. I was handed baby dolls, baking sets and little play vacuums. I was looked at weird if I picked up a play truck or a basketball. I never understood the impact of gender segregation that took place in something as simple as toys. When you look down an aisle you see what society expects girls and boys  to play with. They guide girls to the housekeeping child care role. The men get the athletic tough role. When people see a boy or girl have an interest outside the norm, they get a negative look. They put into the kids minds at an early age what is expected of them and make them feel out of place if they have an interest in something outside the norm. If we promoted a more gender neutral outlook on kids today, we would have more kids do something outside the box.


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