Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Sexuality Equality

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I view life as a thing to be loved, and also a thing in which love should be shared to all who may encounter your path. As a homosexual male, I have seen first hand that love is not given away in nearly the facet that it should be. People in today’s times do not like to befriend anyone that is not within their own idea of what the normal human being is. People judge based upon race, gender, sexuality, and many other things, but never stop to think that instead of hating someone based on a trait that they have no control over, we should understand that each human is born differently and that we should all love and accept each other as a worldwide family and not judge based upon birth given traits. Equality needs to be spread for all oppressed groups, and no prejudice should be shown to someone who is human just as the next person who shows hatred toward another’s trait. Let’s accept one another for who that person truly is, and always remember that equality is a powerful thing, that needs to be spread globally for all those who feel they are less for something they cannot control about themselves. Equality equals Freedom!!


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