Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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The word virgin in its adjective form means “not yet touched, used, or exploited.” All my life I have been taught that sex is a mature act for adults that could have enormous consequences if done incorrectly (sexual diseases, pregnancy, etc). I was always told that God intended sex to be between man and woman, that it is sacred, and to be done when two individuals vow to be together for their lifetime. So when I read this definition of “virgin” it states that you must be pure, pristine, untainted; does this mean that when a man so much as touches a female she becomes not pure? Could a simple touch really tarnish what she held to be sacred if she was choosing to wait until marriage? In my opinion, absolutely not. I do not believe that oral sex or anal sexual activity causes an individual to lose the right to be labeled a virgin. Maybe an individual would be “less pure” if they were to engage in to oral or anal sex, but the true act of sex was to be between man and woman. It is an act that is used to showcase love between two people and to also be the means of reproduction. So if you ask me, a virgin is one who abstains from vaginal sex.

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