Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What is Virginity?

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Today in class we watched a short film entitled, “How to lose your virginity.” This film seeks to analyze the concept of virginity. The film raises a number of questions that I had thought very little about like what is “virginity”? While most feel that they can answer this question very easily it becomes more complicated when one starts to analyze the idea of virginity more deeply. For example, when does one lose their virginity? Is it the first time you experiment in a sexual manner with another person or does full-fledged sexual intercourse have to take place. The situation becomes even more complex when different sexual orientations are taken into account. In my opinion, virginity is a concept designed by humans to glorify the act of sex and may also have been used to oppress and control women. Basically, virginity is what we make it if we choose to give it power and life then it exists and if we do not then one day it may be nothing more than an odd concept of the past.


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