Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women are more than Objects

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Looking into the notes and watching the YouTube on how woman are considered the objects and men are considered the subjects, really bothered me. We all have our sexual desires but it seems as if men use that desire as an advantage against women just so they can have that sexual pleasure, while some women are more about the connection and possibly foreseeing a future with this person. With one’s own personal experiences they may notice these own characteristics in their sexual relations, such as my own. I would rather be the domain one in the sexual experience and let them know that they are not going to take advantage of my feelings nor consider me as just a play toy, or object.


One thought on “Women are more than Objects

  1. Sorry, I haven’t been accepted as an admin yet so I wanted to post a comment on this post since it correlates to my post.

    So we were talking in class about the stigma that women get for being sexual, and I feel like it’s a very true statement that often gets criticized by men and women alike. Who are we to judge the personal choices of others? I really don’t think it’s fair that men get to be congratulated on having sex and women get the backlash of it. Guys talk about masturbation and the way girls look all the time, yet girls get a ton of judgement for commenting on the way a guy looks. We’re all human beings and it shouldn’t be anyone’s concern what a women, or a man does with their body. It baffles me that we still have this problem in 2015.

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