Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

To have sex or to not have sex?

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Having sex is natural and it depends upon the person. My mom had me at an early an early age. Growing up knowing this did not really hit me until I got into middle school where after they taught about the dangers of having that I had became interested and the feeling of wanting to explore. Unlike my mother who had gotten pregnant with me, I did not nor did I experience any of the “dangers” that they claimed that I would have. Having sex for the first time was weird because I did not know how to react. I told my closest friends and that was it. Later when I had gotten older I told my mom which she said that she already knew. I would not say that I regret that I lost my virginity at such a young age I just wish I could change who it was. You have the choice to become labeled as a “slut” or someone who has just simply lost their virginity.Either way you should feel proud and comfortable with yourself. Losing it or keeping it is your decision what you do afterwards can either make you or break you.


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