Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Sexual Objectification

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In class we watched a video by Laci Green about sexual objectification. In many ways I agreed with her concept on how women are viewed in society and how they are treated. I feel like in some cases most women are seen as objects of desire instead of people with feelings and desires/plans of their own. Women are put out in society as sex objects by how they are portrayed by the media. Media has made sexual objectification worse. They put in magazines how women should look, act, and how to please their men. This effects me personally as a woman. Many times I will be looking at a magazine with a beautiful celebrity on the cover with an add next to the picture giving ten ways to please a man sexually. When I look at these magazines I think ‘Well if I looked like her, maybe I could please my man those ten ways’. I feel like media pressures women to feel insecure about themselves and that they have to look a certain way to attract and please men sexually.

I also feel womens bodies are used as an advertisement to society to sell certain things or to persuade people. To me, this just makes women seem like nothing but something to show off. It’s like womens feelings don’t matter but her body does.I guess this is why its called sexual OBJECTification. Personally, I think women can’t get where they want in life unless they give off that sexual look or look attractive. I always thought, looking at these types of magazines, that women are proud, happy, and honoured to be half way naked on the cover of a magazine. AND THEY ARE! This is only because this is how society has made it. This is self objectification. These women on the cover of magazines, and women in daily life, see themselves in terms of how sexually desirable they are to others.


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