Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Are Some People Just Not Naturally Monogamist?

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In class, we pondered the idea that maybe some people were not meant to only have one partner, and therefore cannot stay faithful in a monogamist relationship.  Is this why some people flock to the increasingly popular idea of polygamy or polyamory?  For some, polygamy is just a natural way of life that is prominent in their culture. I, myself, could never live a life where my partner has multiple other partners.  It peaked my interest to think that living as a polygamist was enjoyable to some people.  After watching part of a documentary on polyamory, I came to understand the concept a little more.  Polyamory, as I see it, is pretty much a looser version of polygamy in which partners are free to love other people outside of their relationship.  I guess if people cannot commit to one person than these open relationships are a better alternative than continually being unfaithful.  I believe I am a natural monogamist…but can this be true about everyone?

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